Wineries and Vineyards

WM Group provides a wide range of water management services to wineries and vineyards. Climate change and the intensification the demand for our fresh water resources creates uncertainty around the security of your existing water supply and ability to irrigate during drier periods. WM Group has developed tools for providing probabilistic analysis of your long term water balance and irrigation demand versus sustainable water supply abstraction rates and optimal storage requirements. WM Group focuses on adding value to our clients and working with vineyards and wineries to understand the sustainability of security of your water supply into the future and optimise your water storage and management systems to meet your level of comfort in terms of having sufficient water during moderate to server dry periods. By understanding the limitations of your water supply you can prepare contingency plans for when your water demand exceeds the available water supply and using WM Group water management tools you can better predict when your available water supply could be insufficient to meet your water demand and implement your contingency plans.

WM Group provides the following water management and assessment services to wineries and vineyards:

  • Probabilistic winery and vineyard water balances;
  • Assessment of Water Supply options;
  • Design of water production wells, well capacity and aquifer pumping tests; 
  • Supervision of drilling and well installation; 
  • Optimisation of water storage requirements;
  • Water supply sustainability and security assessments;
  • Design of water delivery and storage infrastructure; 
  • Design of wastewater treatment and disposal systems; 
  • Design of stormwater treatment, attenuation and disposal systems; 
  • Assessment of effects of wastewater and stormwater discharges on receiving water quality;
  • Assessment of environmental effects of groundwater and surface water takes;
  • Stormwater hydrologically neutrality assessments;
  • Efficient management of the resource consent application process.
  • Compliance monitoring according to resource consent conditions. 
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