Rural Water and Wastewater

WM Group provides the following water management and assessment services to farms and rural lifestyle blocks:

  • Assessment of Water Supply options;
  • Design of water production wells, well capacity and aquifer pumping tests; 
  • Supervision of drilling and well installation; 
  • Design of water delivery and storage infrastructure; 
  • Design of wastewater treatment and disposal systems according to TP58 guidelines and other guidelines; 
  • Design of stormwater attenuation and detention systems; 
  • Assessment of effects of effluent discharges on receiving water quality;
  • Assessment of environmental effects of groundwater and surface water takes;
  • Stormwater discharge hydrologic neutrality assessments;
  • Efficient management of the resource consent application process.
  • Compliance monitoring according to resource consent conditions. 
Rural Water and Wastewater