Mine Groundwater Management

At WM Group we provide the following groundwater assessment and management services to our mining clients:

  • Design and implementation of baseline and compliance monitoring programs for groundwater levels, groundwater quality and stream baseflow;
  • Design of dewatering/depressurisation bores for pit slope and underground mine geotechnical stability and enabling dry mining conditions. WM Group use a combination of tools including field hydraulic testing, groundwater monitoring and predictive groundwater drawdown modelling to develop appropriate dewatering/depressurisation designs;
  • Supervision of drilling and installation of dewatering/depressurisation bores;
  • Prediction of potential groundwater flows and contaminant mass fluxes from tailings Storage facilities; mine waste rock dumps, mine pits and other mine waste water-holding reservoirs;
  • Assessment of fate and transport of contaminants discharged to groundwater from mine sites, including effects on downstream water bodies;
  • Evaluation of site groundwater contamination remediation options and investigation of methods to optimise remedial design based on mass flux assessments including 3D contaminant transport groundwater numerical modelling using MT3DMS/RT3DMS;   
  • Assessment, design and implementation of site groundwater mitigation options including groundwater injection to reduce potential effects of mine pit dewatering on groundwater dependent ecosystems such as wetlands and springs.  
Groundwater Management