Groundwater Resources Assessment

WM Group carries out techincal assessments and provides advice on the following:

  • Sustainable Aquifer Yield Assessment - WM Group provides technical information and advice to Regional Councils, groundwater users and other community stakeholders on groundwater volumes that can be extracted sustainably while ensuring that objectives set in regional plans are met. We use field hydraulic testing data; groundwater and  surface water monitoring data; simple analytical to complex 3D numerical groundwater modelling in sustainable yield assessments.    
  • Protection of Groundwater Sources -WM Group carries out groundwater vulnerability to contamination assessments for Regional Councils to support formulation of policies and rules that ensure effective protection of groundwater sources as part of the multi-barrier approach for ensuring safe drinking water. We utilise subjective rating methods, statistical and process driven methods in groundwater vulnerability assessments depending on available information and contamination risks. 
  • Water Supply Potential Assessment -WM Group carries out specific capacity tests and long-term pumping tests to assess the potential of aquifers to supply groundwater volumes at required rates for domestic, municipal, agricultural mining and industrial water supply. We also design and supervise the drilling and installation of production bores.  
  • Water Take Resource Consent Applications - WM Group carries out environmental effects assessments and manages the groundwater take resource consent application process for clients.