​​​​The Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team (SCIRT) carried out a ward winning $2 billion earthquake rebuild programme which was funded by the New Zealand Government and Christchurch City Council. The programme involved more than 700 projects across the city. The programme of earthquake renewals and repairs throughout the city was a massive and exciting challenge and the scale was unprecedented in New Zealand. WM Group provided a number of engineers to SCIRT over the duration of the rebuild programme. Paul May fulfilled Project Lead and Stormwater Technical Lead roles for the Orange Design Team at SCIRT. Paul May also provided a stormwater modelling coordination role across the four design teams and helped to ensure consistency of modelling approaches in determining where increases in flood levels that had been caused by earthquake damage to land, waterways and stormwater infrastructure.

WM Group was proud to receive a Special Award from ACENZ - "Acknowledging the consulting industry's collaboration in the Rebuild of Christchurch's Public Infrastructure".


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