Huntly Section Project

WM Group's Paul May fulfilled the deputy drainage team leader role for the detailed design of drainage infrastructure for the $458 million Huntly Section of the Waikatio Expressway.

The Huntly Section of the Waikatio Expressway includes a 15km four lane expressway with drainage works including three wetlands, a pump station, 36 culverts and associated stream diversions and the expressway network drainage incorporating stormwater treatment and extended detention. Paul assisted the team leader including leading the team for seven weeks while the team leader was on leave. Paul was responsible for coordinating and integrating the hydrological and hydraulic team into the drainage team design elements during this time.  In addition, Paul also carried out the assessment of potential stream erosion to identify where extended detention or other measures were required. Another key responsibility was providing liaison with and providing responses to the Waikato Regional Council, Peer Reviewers and the Constructor. The role included providing mentoring and assistance to the drainage engineers designing the network drainage, culverts, stream diversion, wetlands and the pump station.