Escarpment Mine Water Management

WM Group was involved in developing the mine water management system for Escarpment Mine on the Denniston Plateau. WM Group used a Goldsim mine water balance and water quality model to assess future compliance with the environmnentally driven strategy and goals set in the site-wide water management plan.

The mine water management model developed by WM Group simulates the management of mine water on site and predicts the rate of discharge and water quality of mine water discharged to the receiving environment. The model also simulates flows and water quality of receiving streams which enables assessment of potential adverse environmental effects.

The mine water management model allowed the site mine water management and discharges to be assessed for a wide range of hydrological conditions to identify the required treatment plant capacity. The mine water management model was used to scope the level of treatment required to avoid adverse environmental effects.

WM Group also carried out the scoping and process design of the mine influenced water - water treatment plant (MIW-WTP)  including optimsiation of the treatment plant capacity (flow rate) with onsite storage requirements to obtain the most efficient and cost effect solution. WM Group carried out batch treatment trails as part of the process design and prepared the Performance Specification for the MIW-WTP.