Christchurch Northern Corridor

WM Group's Paul May fulfilled the senior drainage engineer role for the detailed design of drainage infrastructure for the $240 million Christchurch Northern Corridor Project.

The Christchurch Northern Corridor consists of a 12km greenfield four lane arterial expressway and four laning 3km of the existing Queen Elizabeth II Drive. Drainage works include flood compensation storage basins, 12 culverts and the network drainage incorporating stormwater treatment and extended detention within wetland swales, first flush basins, and wetlands. Paul May assisted the Drainage Team Leader with attending learn target meetings when the Team Leader was away, coordinating designs and delivery of design packages including being responsible for the delivery of the two culvert design packages. In addition, Paul also assisted with liaison with Christchurch City Council, liaison between designers and the modelling team and providing responses to comments from the Peer Reviewer and Constructor.